How do you use it?

Agreements can be created in MoveONLite and shared with partners for review, and agreement statuses and information can be managed in the platform.
Nomination forms are available in MoveONLite and as an online link accessible to students. Once a nomination form is submitted, the user institution can review the nomination and send it to their partners. Partners can then accept or reject the nomination and send it back with comments. The status of accepted nominations can also be managed directly.

Major features

  • Search for your international partners in our catalogue of over 7,000 institutions worldwide and link directly with them from the platform.
  • Quickly invite your partners to MoveONLite for sharing agreements and nominations
  • Manage partners and their contacts
  • Create your own institution structure and contacts within MoveONLite for easy access
  • Create different agreement types
  • Utilize in-built reference lists to filter data
  • Share stay opportunity agreements with your partners
  • View agreements shared with you and link them to your partners’ profiles in MoveONLite
  • Enable students to complete and submit a customizable online nomination form, unique to each institution
  • Create nominations for outgoing mobilities
  • Duplicate checks of student nominations to ensure data quality
  • View and process incoming and outgoing nominations
  • Send comments to your partner institutions on incoming nominations
  • Delete and anonymize student nominations to adhere to GDPR regulations
  • Export agreement and nomination data as XLS and CSV files
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